Department of Biosystem Engineering

06 Oct 2013
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Agricultural   mechanization is a key factor in influencing development of every country. It covers the selection, procurement, manufacturing, distribution, operation and maintenance of all forms of mechanical assistance to agriculture, ranging from simple hand tools to sophisticated bulk handling system, properly managed, mechanization can help to increase yields, extend the cultivated area, facilitate new crops and livestock systems and assist in transport, storage, processing and distribution of agricultural commodities. Mechanization helps to reduce the drudgery of farm work and encourages the commitment of a skilled work force.

  The Department of  Biosystem Engineering  with the aim of research, teaching and extension focus areas include : functional requirements and principles of operation of  field machines; machinery selection and management; the design and manufacture of appropriate machines  , began its activities in 1988. The Department of   Biosystem Engineering offers undergraduate degree programs in  Biosystem Engineering Engineering   leading to B.Sc. .

  The Department has a chairman that administrate department.The Chairman of department is elected by faculty members vote for two years.

  Admission is based on selecting   in a nationwide examination held annually by the Ministry of Science , Research   and Technology.