Hamedan Academy of Agriculture: The first Center for Higher Education in Agriculture was established in Hamedan in March 1967 by the late Dr. Ali Eghbali after receiving the approval of the Central Council of Universities under the title of "Academy of Agriculture" which was then approved by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in 1970. The Academy of Agriculture only offered a two-year course in "Associate degree of Agriculture" until 1971. In 1971 and after the approval of Ministry of Sciences, B.A courses were established in this center in the fields of "Cooperation and Rural Affairs" and "Agricultural Extension" and the title of the center was changed from "Institution of Agriculture" to "Academy of Agriculture". Dr. Mansour Gholami, Dr. Iraj Malak Mohammadi, Dr. Seyyed Mahmoud Hosseiny, Dr. Yusuf Hejazi, Dr. Abdolhamid Papzan, and Dr. Mohammadreza Hamze'i were among the first alumni of this course.

Bu-Ali Sina University - Faculty of Agriculture: After the license for the establishment of Bu-Ali Sina University was issued in 1974 and approved in 1975, Faculty of Agriculture of Hamedan officially started its activities as the "Center for Expansion of Agriculture", one of the four main branches of Bu-Ali Sina University, in the previous location of the leather factory of Hamedan. In line with the joint treaty between Iran and France, the first professors of Bu-Ali Sina University received scholarship from the Iranian government to study in France and Dr. Darwish was chosen as the first head of the Faculty of Agriculture.

In 1980, "Academy of Agriculture" officially joined Bu-Ali Sina University. After the Cultural Revolution and re-opening of universities in 1983, Faculty of Agriculture restarted its activities by establishing departments of "Agronomy" and "Animal Husbandry" and in 1984 and 1985 admitted students in associate courses in the fields of "Agronomic Sciences" and "Animal Studies" respectively. In 1998 the first M.A students were admitted in the field of Animal Sciences and in 2006 first PhD. students were admitted in the field of Agrology.

Currently (2019), Faculty of Agriculture has 86 faculty members (12 professors, 31 associate professors and 43 assistant professors) in 9 departments, 68 laboratories and workshops, educational and research greenhouses, Museum of Natural History, Water Research Center, Phytochemistry research center, and two educational-research-production farms in Abbas-Abad and Dastjerd. Right now approximately 1500 students are studying in this faculty (770 B.A students, 500 M.A students and 230 PhD. Students).