Department of Crop Production and Plant Breeding

06 Oct 2013
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 As the world's population continues to grow, adequate production of plants for food, fiber and other products is an ever-increasing challenge. To achieve this goal, agronomists must design crops and cultural practices that will optimize productivity in an efficient, sustainable and environmentally protective manner.

  The Department of Crop Production and Plant Breeding  with the aim  of Research, teaching and extension focus areas include: crop production and management;  genetics, breeding and biotechnology; began its activities in 1989. The Department of  Crop Production and Plant Breeding offers undergraduate degree programs inCrop Production and Plant Breeding. The Department also offers graduate programs leading to M.Sc. degree. The M.Sc. programs are offered in Biotechnology.

    The Department has a chairman that administrate department. The Chairman of department is elected by faculty members vote for two years.

  Admission is based on selecting   in a nationwide examination held annually by the Ministry of Science ,  Research and Technology.