About the Department


History of the Department of Biosystems Engineering

This department started its activities in Faculty of Agriculture in 1985 under the title of Technical Affairs which was a combination of Irrigation and Agricultural Machinery ; in 1991 these two fields were separated. The department of Agricultural Machinery continued its activity at associate level and got promoted to B.A of Agricultural Machinery in 1996.

In 2004, considering the extensiveness of the courses, this field was separated into subfields of Mechanization and Mechanics of Agricultural Machinery.

In 2009, after the prerequisite number of faculty members was met, the department started admitting students in the field of Mechanics of Agricultural Machinery at M.A level.  

In 2012, the department started offering PhD. courses in the field of Mechanics of Agricultural Machinery and PhD. students were admitted.

In 2013, M.A course was established in the field of Mechanization and M.A students were admitted in this field.

In 2013, the title of the field of Mechanics of Agricultural Machinery was changed to Biosystem Mechanics Engineering and B.A, M.A and PhD. courses were offered under the new title and with new materials.

In 2016, the department established M.A course in the field of Food Industry Machineries Engineering and started admitting students.