29 Sep 2013
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The faculty of Agriculture was established in 1977 and its academic activities with Crop Production program at B.E degree started in 1983. Presently the main building of faculty is located at the main campus of Bu Ali Sina University  which carries out scientific and research activities and has the B.Sc. and  M.Sc.  degree programs in its departments.

At Present time the faculty of Agriculture  has 60 faculty members and about 1700 students that 20 of them are studying at M.Sc. level.

The Faculty of Agriculture   consists of   8 departments presently. The departments of the faculty consists of  Agricultural Education and Extension , Animal Science ,Crop Production and Plant Breeding , Farm Machinery,Horticultural Science ,Irrigation ,Plant Protection and Soil Science. Each Department is administered by one chairman that elected by faculty members  vote.

The administrative body of the Faculty consists of one Dean and 3 Vice Deans which are as following:  Vice Dean for Academic Affairs,  Vice Dean for Administration and Finance and Vice Dean for Research.