Department of Horticultural Sciences

06 Oct 2013
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Horticulture requires a broad education including knowledge of production, management, improvement, distribution, processing and utilizing of fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, and turf.

  The Department of  Horticultural Sciences with the aim of research, teaching and extension in environmental and food crop horticulture began its activities in 1991.Undergraduate education is the primary focus of the Department. 

   The department offers students the ability to emphasize several different areas of  Horticulture.The Department of  Horticultural Sciences offers undergraduate degree programs in Horticulture  leading to B.Sc.  Students in the Horticultural Science option are preparing for careers in which understanding the science of growth and development of fruit, ornamental, nut, turf, and vegetable crops is critical to success. The science option prepares students for pursuing graduate training in horticulture.

  The Department has a chairman that administrate department.The Chairman of department is elected by faculty members vote for two years

  Admission is based on selecting   in a nationwide examination held annually by the Ministry of Science , Research and Technology.