Department of Agricultural Education and Extension

06 Oct 2013
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 The Department of  Agricultural Education and Extension  with the aim of  provide students with the communication and interpersonal skills, leadership training, and knowledge of technical agriculture necessary to be certified as a teacher of agricultural education at the secondary or post- secondary level, or for a career in the agribusiness industry in training and development began its activities in 1991.

  Undergraduate education is the primary focus of the Department. The Department of  Agricultural Education and Extension offers undergraduate degree programs in Agricultural Education and Extension  leading to B.Sc. .The curriculum combines a broad range of technical courses in animal science, crop and soil science, horticulture, biological systems engineering, and agricultural economics.

  The department  is administered by one chairman. The chairman of department is elected by faculty members vote for two years.

Admission is based on selecting   in a nationwide examination held annually by the Ministry of Science , Research and Technology.