About the Department


Department of Plant Pathology started its activities in 1992 by admitting students at B.A level. In 2001, bearing in mind the available laboratory equipment and the suitable status of the faculty members which included an associate professor (Dr. Rouhani) and three assistant professors (Dr. Kargar, Dr. Soleimani and Dr. Zafari) first group of students started their studies at the M.A level in the field of Phytopathology and in 2007 the M.A course in Agricultural Entomology was established with a professor (Dr. Khanjani) and 2 assistant professors (Dr. Kazzazi and Dr. Madadi). In 2011, Department of Plant Pathology started admitting students in the fields of Phytopathology and Agricultural Entomology at PhD. level.

As of 2016, the Department of Plant Pathology undertakes educational and research activities in the following levels and subfields with 11 faculty members (2 professors, 3 associate professors, 6 assistant professors and one commissioned to study):

  1. B.A

Plant Pathology

  1. M.A


Agricultural Entomology

  1. PhD.

Phytopathology – Biological Control of Plant Pathogens

Phytopathology – Prokaryote

Phytopathology – Mycology

Agricultural Entomology – Biosystematics of Ticks

Agricultural Entomology – Insect Physiology

Agricultural Entomology – Ecology and Biological Control of Insects

Agricultural Entomology – Toxicology