About the Department


Horticulture division started its activities immediately after the establishment of Faculty of Agriculture in 1974.

Department of Horticultural Sciences was officially established in 1998.

First group of B.A students were admitted in 1999.

First group of M.A students were admitted in 2004.

First group of PhD. students were admitted in 2009.

A great number of students have graduated from different levels of the Department of Horticultural Sciences and some of the alumni of this department are currently faculty members of various universities and research institutions all over the country.

Some of the research topics in the department of Horticultural Sciences include:

  1. The effect of environmental factors, particularly cold, drought and lighting tensions, on horticultural products.
  2. Investigation of genetic variety in horticultural products.
  3. Tissue culture and Micropropagation of some of horticultural plants.
  4. Investigation of the top methods of proliferation and production of horticultural crops in greenhouses and gardens.

The department of Horticultural Sciences of Bu-Ali Sina University has always been one of the important centers of the Association of Horticultural Sciences of the country and has held numerous congresses and conferences in national level; in particular:

  1. 8th National Horticultural Sciences Congress of Iran in August 2013
  2. 1st National Symposium on Small Fruits in August 2016

Currently the department of Horticultural Sciences is the founder of the first center for small fruits of the country. This center was established in 2017 after being approved by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

There are plans to add the subfield of Ornamental Plants to the department for student admission in the next year.