About the Department


 The Department of Agronomy and Plant Breeding started its activities in 1984 by admitting students in the field of Agronomic Sciences at associate level. Later in 1987 first group of B.A students were admitted in the field of Agronomy and Plant Breeding and in 2005 first M.A Students started their studies in the field of Agronomy and Plant Breeding in two subfields of "Agronomy and Plant Breeding" and "Identification and Management of Weeds". With the expansion of the department, admission of PhD. students started in 2011 in two fields of Agronomy (in subfields of ‘Physiology and Ecology' and ‘Biometrics') and Weed Sciences.

The department of Agronomy and Plant Breeding is currently active in the following educational and research fields with 10 faculty members (4 associate professors, 4 assistant professors and 2 Commissioned to study)


  1. B.A

Agronomy and Plant Breeding

  1. M.A


Plant Breeding

Identification and Management of Weeds

  1. PhD.

Plant Breeding – Molecular Genetics

Plant Breeding – Biometrics

Agronomy – Agronomic Crops Ecology

Agronomy – Agronomic Crops Physiology

Weeds Sciences